When I was in my primary school I use to starewithfull of wonder to one of my elder cousin who used to take snaps in any of our family get together or ceremony. He was being specially invited to record the events. When he used to come back with the prints all of us rush and see those images with great enthusiasm and interest. I still have those unforgettable black and white moments captured on silver halide emulsion and printed on Agfa printing paper.

That was a different world where owning a camera was a pride. The people use to value them who knowhow to click. In general people do not use SLR camera due to lack of knowledge. Common people weren’t comfortable to handle the aperture, shutter speeds, focus and film speed. Even cameras weren’t easily available in the open market. Those which were available are without any papers and also too costly to own. Apart from very few, photography schools were out of thought.He had a Nikon SLR camera and we had all B&W photographs.

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